Ranking of overseas communication influence of Chinese brands

Phoenix Award

GEN.C Festival "Phoenix Award" series of award selection activities Based on the review principle of "objective, realistic, comprehensive and meticulous" Through data analysis of many authoritative institutions Overseas feld research, interviews, media surveys and other means for brands A large-scale professional review of participating cultural festival brands

Brand Overseas Summit and“Phoenix Award’Exclusive title for the awards ceremony

Honor Requite
1. Honorary naming: exclusive naming rights for the Chinese Brand Overseas Summit and the "Feng Chao Award" award ceremony!Format: Sponsored company name ·Chinese Brand Overseas Summit and "Fengchao Award" Award Ceremony 2. Photo live broadcast: The LOG0
Speeches and Conversations
1. Dialogue: 1 senior company executive will participate in 1 high-and dialogue at the main forum; 2. Speech: Get 1 keynote speech at the summit (15 minutes/session);
Exhibition Services
1. Booth: 1 specially designed booth (36 square meters of bare floor area) can be set up. The design and construction of the boothwill be arranged by the sponsoring company; 2. LOGO display: The corporate image LOGO will be displayed on the main backgrou
Online Services
1. Large-scale records: 1 poster of the annwal large-scale planned corporate executive of Huochao·0rienta, and paricipate in the on-site theme exhibition of the event: 2. Exclusive interview: Receive special invitation from the person on the scene to co
Conference Arrangements
1. Exhibitor lD: 4, staff lD: 4; 2. Main fonum tickets: 1 VP particlpant, 6 ordinary participants; 3. Accommodation arrangement: limited to 2 sinale rooms, 2 double rooms, desianated for 3 nights; 4. Airport pick-up service: enjoy the distinguished car