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With the mission of creating a world-class Chinese brand event IP,GENC Festival attracts overseas young people to deeply participatein the event through scene-based experiences, trendy visuals, andcultural products with oriental characteristics such as clothing, culturalcreativity, technology, trendy toys, and food. At the same time, withthe help of the dynamic expression of Eastern culture and theintegration of experience methods that overseas young people like,Attract their attention to new trends in Eastern life, new fashions andChinese national trend culture, In this way, we can fully display thecharm of the trendy Oriental to overseas markets and convey adifferent kind of China.

8 Themed Product Exhibition Areas

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The exhibition's special website updates the latest informationabout the exhibition in real time. You can learn about the real-timesituation of the exhibition through the website.Such as the current number of exhibitors, exhibition activities on theday, exhibition navigation routes, etc.At the same time, it provides an entrance to the purchase websitefor the product, and users can quickly enter it through the specialwebsite. Overseas purchase links for Amazon and other products

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November 2024 ExCeL London
DAY.1(professional audience)
  • GEN.C Festival Opening Ceremony Brand exhibition

    Guests and KOL watch the exhibition Wonderful oriental entertainment

  • Lunch themed cocktail reception
  • Chinese Brand Overseas Marketing Summit and Awards Ceremony

    Case sharingReport release|Keynote speech | High-end dialogue

    Brand exhibition

  • Welcome dinner (customized theme)

DAY.2 (bonsumer day)
  • China Brand Investment Conference and Investment Forum

    Policy Interpretation |Theme Promotion | Keynote Speech | High-end Dialogue

  • Brand exhibition

    Chinese designer brand fashion show

  • GEN.C Festival brand customization activities

    Customized product launch conference

    Customized theme forum

    Custom salon

    Customized special promotion meeting

    Customized banquets and cocktail receptions

DAY.3(consumerr day)
  • Artistic creation and performance of oriental trend cultureFree brand exhibition and sales

    Chinese art creation art tour

  • GEN.C Festival Brand Customization Activities

    Customized product launch conference

    Customized theme forum

    Custom salon

    Customized special promotion meeting

  • Closing Ceremony and Appreciation Dinner